Loni is spiritually minded and believes that peace on earth and love will conquer. She is a driven Entrepreneur with 6 businesses, all centered around spirituality, compassion, ecology and philosophy. She is the Owner/Director/Manager of the sacred land of Milo Farm; a campground and spiritual retreat center outside of Kansas City. Loni also created the Philosopher game, a game to help evolve humanity. It is available at her Spiral 55 Games business and website. She has a Philosophy. Art and Business degree from Missouri State University. She is a licensed Real Estate Broker in Missouri and Kansas. She finds spirituality, art, music, nature and life awe-inspiring. Her goal in life is to assist benevolent souls to step into their power.
loni louise pic

This is Loni’s favorite picture of herself, a late night shot, taken after going out.  Circa post-college years.